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Cool Sculpting: An Effective Method for Body Contouring

by lonnieconklin Lonnie lonnieconklin Conklin (2022-05-19)

Body contouring, or other name body sculpting, is a procedure that can get rid of excess fat, contour body areas, and tighten skin. There are surgical and non-surgical options that achieve body contouring. The former includes liposuction, a popular treatment among obese people, and lifts and tucks, which can eliminate excess fat and skin. As for non-surgical choices, they cover the following: radiofrequency lipolysis, which utilizes ultrasound to remove fat; laser lipolysis, which employs a laser to target fat cells; injection lipolysis, which injects a type of acid into the body to deal with fat cells; and cool sculpting, or cryopolysis. This article will focus on cool sculpting.


What is cool sculpting?

Cool sculpting is afat-freezing treatment that promises to remove obstinate fat from some body parts, such as the thigh, upper arms, and abdomen. It is also called cryolipolysis and was approved by FDA in 2010. The cool sculpting machine works by lowering the temperature of the fat to a certain level. Then the freezing effect can destroy fat cells in the area while rendering the surrounded skin and tissues unharmed. By doing this, the fat cells decrease. That is how fat removal is achieved.


What are the side effects of cool sculpting?

The treatment has some side effects. Some people may sense a pulling or dragging on the skin and even an extremely cold during a session. In some cases, it brings about pain or soreness, redness, and swelling to varying degrees after the treatment.


Who can have cryolipolysis?

If you once turned to diet and exercise to lose weight and failed to eliminate fat bulges from a body part like the thigh, the treatment is a perfect option for your goal. However, you should stay away from it if you have the following situations: during pregnancy; overly obese; cannot deal with cold well; with varicose veins, nerve problems, or rashes or lesions. You can use the procedure to wipe out fat cells in the following body parts: upper arms, thighs, back, abdomen, buttocks, and under the chin.


How much does a cool sculpting session cost?

It depends on several factors: which body area you desire to treat (the larger the area, the more expensive it will be); how many treatments you will have; who will perform the procedure for you, and where you choose to have it. The total expense for a private treatment solution is somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000, according to the CoolSculpting website.


How long do cryolipolysis outcomes last?

You need to understand that the treatment does not present an instant effect. You will see changes in your body once the damaged fat cells are metabolized gradually. Usually, the process takes at least three months before its impact gets noticeable. It presents long-lasting outcomes after the fat cells are destroyed. And the fat cells cannot come back again. But if you regain weight in some body areas, new fat cells will grow. Therefore, it is crucial to foster a sound lifestyle and exercise regularly.