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Things To Do While On Hit and Run Accident

by lonnieconklin Lonnie lonnieconklin Conklin (2022-03-20)

The difficulties of any motor vehicle crash are amplified when the person who was involved is unable to return to the scene of the accident. It is illegal in all fifty states to flee from the scene an accident when there is any injury to anyone or property. Despite these lawshowever, hit and run accidents of both minor and more serious types are frequent. One of the most common kinds of hit and run occurs the case where a driver causes the damage of another vehicle in a parking lot.
But more serious accident involving hit and runs can involve severe crashes or even cyclists or pedestrians, which can result in the death of a victim.

Five essential actions you must take in the event that you ever get involved in an accident during which the other driver leaves the scene:

Don't fight, and don't call police.

Remain at the scene of the collision and then call the police. Chasing a driver could cause further injury to yourself - it could also disqualify you from making a hit and run accident claims under your own insurance in the case you have to use the underinsured/uninsured driver section of your policy.

Remind Accident Details

Try to remember as many details regarding the driver's vehicle as you can. Color, model, and make are all useful in determining who caused the incident, particularly if the driver was intoxicated. Drunk drivers tend to be repeated offenders and their cars could be on law enforcement watch lists.

Depend on the assistance of witnesses

You might be stunned too much to know the details of what transpired, however good witnesses can help you identify the situation and the at-fault driver. If other drivers arrive to inspect you, they should remain near the site of the accident until the police arrive. This will allow them to take note of the incident and also their personal information.

Get coverage for uninsured/underinsured drivers from your insurance

Sadly, many at-fault drivers in hit and run accidents will not be identified, especially if they was no witness. Underinsured motorist coverage on your own insurance policy may still cover your injuries when the at-fault driver cannot be identified. This coverage is a minimal cost for the protection that it provides and must always be included in your insurance coverage.

Talk with your attorney

A knowledgeable lawyer who has handled car accidents can assist you in determining your best strategy- when it comes to going after the person at fault, or filing a claim with your own insurance.

Accidents involving hit and run can be devastating for families, especially when it comes to wrongful death. In addition to losing a loved one and are uncertain about who is accountable. In cases of death, a criminal investigation should be undertaken. If there is enough information regarding the other vehicle, police might be able to issue search warrants in order to examine a vehicle for damage , or even DNA to identify the driver responsible for the accident.

For cases like these the first step is to contact an attorney who is well-versed in hit and run accidents, wrongful death, and criminal law.