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Definition of Complete Network and Explanation of the Operating System

by Nadia Safitri (2019-12-05)

Definition of Complete Network and Explanation of the Operating System

Definition of Complete Network

Understanding Computer Networks

Definition and Definition of the Most Complete Network - The network (network) is an operating system consisting of a number of computers and other network devices that work together to achieve the same goal or a network that consists of points (nodes) connected to one interact with each other, with or without wires. Each of these nodes is useful as a workstations. One of the nodes is as a service media or server, which regulates certain functions of other nodes. Basically computer network technology itself is a combination between computer tenology and communication technology, Anderson Borges 200.


Definition and Understanding of Network

The purpose of computer networks, Nadia Safitri :

Networks allow resource management to be more efficient. In addition, licenses from network software can be cheaper than separate stand-alone licenses for the same number of users, and share CPU, Memory and Harddsik usage.

The network also helps maintain information that is reliable and up-to-date. A well-managed centralized data storage system will allow many users to access data from a variety of different locations, and limit access to data while being processed.

The network also helps speed up the process of sharing data (data sharing). Data transfer on a network can always be faster than other means of sharing data that are not networked.

Networks also allow working groups to communicate more efficiently. Electronic mail and delivery are the substance of most network systems, in addition to scheduling systems, project monitoring, online conferencing and groupware, all of which help teams work more productively and quickly.

Networks also help businesses in serving their clients more effectively.


Network Benefits

The main benefit that can immediately be felt from network sharing is that the Internet is worldwide, because in essence the Internet is a series of computers connected to one another. It evolves and develops over time, so it can form a complex network as we feel now.


Another advantage seen from the side of the internal network is:

Resource Sharing is that it can use the available resources together.

High reliability with our computer network will get a high reliability by having an alternative source of inventory.

Hardware sharing is for sharing hardware on time together.

Security and data management is a computer in a business environment, with the existence of such a network will allow an administrator to organize all the most important office data.

Stability and improvement in computing performance is only under certain conditions, a network will be able to be used to improve the overall performance of business applications,