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Furthermore, Manulife Indonesia will transfer the claim money to the consumer's account.

by TV Bola Online (2021-10-08)

In response to there are 3 parts of waiting time for customers

Furthermore, Manulife Indonesia will transfer the claim money to the consumer's account. Meanwhile, in 2020, Manulife Indonesia has paid claims of IDR 5.5 trillion (un-audited) or equal to IDR 15 billion per day or IDR 631 million per hour. Meanwhile, until February 16, 2021, Manulife Indonesia has paid Covid-19 claims worth more than IDR 144 million (covering individual and group insurance policies). Separately, one of Manulife Indonesia's customers, Anwar Apnillah, is grateful to have a Manulife insurance policy. He felt this when he had to be treated for 21 days in the hospital because he was exposed to Covid-19 the mortgage calculator uk , , where is insurance policy number on card , is lemonades pet insurance good , what is cat insurance , what is the average cost of pet insurance per month , income to mortgage calculator This MiUltimate HealthCare (MiUHC) policyholder admitted that while he was being treated, Manulife Indonesia had to pay hospital fees of Rp. 140 million so that he could focus on recovering his health. Executive Director of the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI), Togar Pasaribu said, life insurance is very important for the community, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Because, life insurance is able to manage risk and provide guarantees for uncertainty. He said, in addition to providing health protection, insurance also provides financial protection to help survive in the event of an unexpected thing.


6 Advantages of Having Health Insurance

by TV Bola Online (2021-10-08)

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