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Blood Balance Formula

by Cynthia Richards (2019-07-23)

Vegetables are the best source of carbohydrate for type 2 Blood Balance Formula Review diabetics. They provide slow-acting carbohydrates that won't be absorbed faster than the pancreas can deliver insulin. A single piece of fruit at a meal provides a variety of nutrients and only about 5 grams of fructose, not so much that the fructose interferes with fat storage and appetite hormones. The major problem with protein is your body can't store the amino acids it digests from protein-foods, so they are turned into blood sugar. And if your body gets too much of some amino acids and not enough of others, it will strip the amino acids it needs out of muscle tissue. A small amount of complete protein at every meal is best for long-term health. Eat meat or fish or a complete protein vegetable, such as soy or quinoa. Don't try to load up. You won't suffer protein malnutrition if you get at least a couple of servings of complete protein foods every day. The problem with type 2 diabetes, at least at first, is that the pancreas still produces insulin, but not enough insulin fast enough to cover the spikes in blood sugar that occur after a meal is digested.