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Cisco IDS Specialist

by Kumar Raj (2019-04-17)

Cisco IDS Specialist is responsible for inspecting network packets. They must notify administrators regarding attacks launched against networks, and these certified specialists must keep track of the massive amount of logs generated, which provide valuable information about network threats. They further must provide accurate threat detection.

These certified specialists must establish both flexible deployment options and intelligent threat investigations. Cisco IDS Specialists must use Cisco IDS software to secure networks. They must also integrate the software into switches, routers and firewalls, and they must use powerful analytical tools to rapidly and efficiently respond to threats.


Siemens Career learnership

by Telkom Learnership Programmes (2019-12-17)

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Re: Cisco IDS Specialist

by Diago Devilla (2020-03-15)

Find your  Router's IP address  on  Android Go to Settings > WLAN. Click the details icon. Then you could find your  Router's IP address  show as Gateway. See your  router's default IP address  on trendrays.

Re: Cisco IDS Specialist

by Alex Townson (2020-08-01)

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