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Edna, Texas

by avita dcosta (2019-08-20)

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Lake Texana is ideally suited for fishing and fresh water recreation. It remains to be one of the Lone Star State’s best-kept secrets with an abundance of water fowl, wildlife, and fish. The haven for fishermen, sight-seers, boaters, birders, picnickers, and campers remains to be a focal point for historical and cultural activities in Jackson County. The gateway to the lake, known as the city of Edna, is just as astounding. Edna also serves as the county seat of Jackson County. The city boasts of a large retirement-friendly community, with a country club, city parks, museums, libraries, and hospitals.

Fast Facts

  • Edna has an active chamber of commerce; the city thrives on natural gas and petroleum production. At the same time, Jackson County’s seat has a prosperous agricultural area. 
  • Edna was named after Count Joseph Telfener’s daughter. The count was an Italian entrepreneur who built a railroad from Victoria to Rosenburg. He was responsible for the state’s Macaroni Line.
  • Edna’s history can be traced back in 1824. The railroad that bypassed the nearby town of Texana allowed Edna to progress as an independent town.
  • The city was established in 1882 after the Mexican, Texas, and New York Railway line was built.
  • Edna is also dubbed as “The Flag City of Texas.”

Tourist Attractions

The Texana Presbyterian Church is Jackson County’s oldest remaining public building. It has recently been restored and now serves as the city’s cultural center. It has been recorded as a Texas historic landmark and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Coastal Bend of Texas also features other attractions with sweeping views of the shore. Attractions include the Fulton Mansion Historic Home, the Texas Maritime Museum, the Goose Island State Park, the King Ranch Museum, and the Naval Air Station. Book your Edna Hotels with

When to Visit

Edna’s December is filled with a variety of events. In Christmas time the city celebrates the Texana Chill Spill Go Texan Barbecue & Christmas in the Outback Arts & Crafts Show, which features music, exhibits, lots of food, and fun. Thousands of fairgoers anticipate the Jackpot Chicken & Jackpot Pork Ribs, Bar-B-Que, Bean, and Home-style Chili Cook-Offs. Other highlights include exhibits, petting zoos, rides, games, and horseshoe tournaments. Tourists can tour many of Jackson County’s historic homes through the Holiday Tour of Homes. Held during October’s first full week, the Jackson County Youth Fair features live entertainment, rodeos, carnivals, dances, luncheons, and parades. Special activities include livestock judging and tractor driving.

Best Hotel Accommodations

Lake Texana’s beauty is what draws most of Edna’s guests. Tourists can set up camp and trailers with the help of Camper Trailer Set-Up & Rental on Navarro Street. Texana Inn on Main Street has refrigerators, washers, microwave ovens, kitchenettes, and free cable services. Jackson Inn has the same amenities, with additions of high-speed internet, complimentary continental breakfast, truck parking, and freeway access. Finally, Inns of Texas ups the ante by featuring all these plus King Rooms equipped with coffee makers, Jacuzzi tabs, and free local calls.