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parakeets should have bright

by paw beak (2019-08-31)

One of the most active species of birds that can talk among birds, quickly adapt to the home environment is called the parakeet. Parakeets, which have a life span of 7-8 years in general, can extend their lifespan a little more compared to feeding and maintenance processes. Therefore, care and feeding is a very important issue for parakeets. If you have bought a baby bird, it is extremely important to give good quality shellfish. It is extremely important that the young bird develops its nutrition. In addition, parakeets should have bright, non-fluffy and constantly moving animals. Otherwise, there may be problems with the bird and it is recommended that you do not take birds that do not have such features.

Pareket lifespan Many people who want to buy a bird want the bird to speak and pronounce some words. Therefore, it is necessary to review a certain process. Generally speaking, it is necessary to constantly talk about the bird. In addition, young budgerigars learn to speak extremely quickly. Parakeets that listen carefully to the sounds you make will mimic the sound you make over time. On the other hand, you can help her to speak in a short time by recording your voice to a tape continuously and listening to the parakeet. First of all it would make sense to teach your bird the name.