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by Regina Fancy (2019-09-16)

Although of himself Paul was a "wretched man," and so Individualogist Revieware we wretched people, all is made good via God and the 'rushing in' of the coming of the Kingdom of God into our lives via Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection, and our belief of these biblically-historical facts.The Practicalities of War - Against Such a Perfect Backdrop We cannot help but know how wonderful this salvation is - the concept that we're saved, both now and for then i.e. in eternity. God's grace to stoop below and pick us up through Jesus' obedience is the perfect backdrop of our faith. Why, then, is it so hard? Why do we strive and struggle and still fail morally? Our moral failures are hardly the point from the stance of our salvation, but paradoxically, we care so much about God now, we want - no we need - to be fervently obedient. We hate our flesh encroaching. We hate hurting others (or we should!). We hate doing the wrong things. The Criticality of Training If we're warring - and we are - like soldiers, we train. This is a simple concept. The more we train, faithfully and resiliently, despite the clinging stench of our humanness, the more day-by-day and year-by-year we'll endure and mature. God's not finished with us yet. We need much of God's grace to be poured over us in our rough times; to accept same. God's grace is also needed in our spiritual successes, to shore up and ply our faith-building confidence, God's pleasure abiding.