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by Jerome Princy (2019-09-16)

There is no doubt that this Flora Springs Review program does work for many men and women. No, it doesn't work for everyone, no program does. However, it works for a lot of people. You just need to be willing to follow it through even if it gets a bit hard at times. There is no other way to get real results.What is the most common method people use if they want rapid weight loss? They try to give up food and go on excessive dieting in order to lose weight. They think that this will help them achieve the fastest weight loss in minimum amount of time. But, is this a correct notion? Let's delve deeper into this. What happens when you starve yourself for many days? Your body will start thinking that there is scarcity of food. It will go into starvation mode. In starvation mode, the body will try to store up whatever fat and energy it can so that it can last much longer than normal. So, in this starvation mode, the metabolism rate drops. This is kind of a defense mechanism by the human body because it thinks there is shortage of food. You are sending wrong signals to the body by starving yourself or eating too little. Metabolism Rate and Weight Loss As most people know, metabolism rate is very important if you want to burn fat. Metabolism rate refers to the amount of energy the body burns in order to maintain itself. The body is constantly burning more and more calories every hour of the day whether we are eating, sleeping or working. A higher metabolism rate may mean that more energy is burned. This means that you will have higher chances of losing weight. Metabolism rate is mainly affected by the composition of your body. If the body has more muscles and less fat stored in it, the metabolic rate will be higher. Muscles need much more energy to maintain themselves than fat. So the composition of muscle to fat in the body is an important factor. Muscular people are likely to have higher metabolism rate. Hence they probably have less chances of putting on excess weight. The Secret to Fastest Weight Loss So here lies the big secret to lose weight fast. Increase your metabolism rate in a natural manner. You can do so by doing more exercises related to resistance training. Resistance work like lifting weights etc can help in building more muscle mass. At the same time, you can reduce fat levels of the body by doing aerobic exercises. You can do aerobic exercises 3 days a week or on alternate days.