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by Alisa Princy (2019-09-16)

The next thing you need to do is Wildfit Review to realize that the initial weight loss will slow down. Many people will lose a lot of weight their first week or two. This is just due to your body getting use to your diet and exercise. Once it stabilizes though, you should expect the losses to be more moderate. In general, losing about 1-3 pounds a week is what you should expect. The last tip is to be consistent long enough until this all becomes a habit. Being fit isn't just something you do for a few months. It's something that you will need to do for the rest of your life. It has to become a lifestyle and not some fad. Only when you commit to losing weight and keeping the weight off for the long-term, will you achieve and keep the body you have always wanted. Many people ask me how to lose 10 pounds in less than 7 days and is it even possible? The answer is that it's very possible but you can only lose 10 pounds water weight in several days. Here are 2 most effective ways in which you can do this. Raise the level of your exercise routines You only goal is getting slimmer so you have to focus on the intensive cardio exercises like running, rowing, cycling, swimming, hiking, jumping rope. This is a very important method because it is the best way to burn more calories in a short time. Be aware that if you're not physically fit you may hurt yourself by suddenly taking on a large amount of exercise. Choose a reliable fitness plan if you don't know how to get started. Most celebrities' secret weight loss weapon - detox based diet Use a detox based diet which will cleanse your body and get it to drop 10 pounds extremely fast. This means you should going on a extreme low calorie dieting plan. In these days you should drink a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, water (bottled) and cayenne pepper. There are many lemon juice based detox diets and the best one is the master cleanse diet (also known as the model detox diet or Lemonade diet). As a result this diet can lead to a rapid weight loss in a week and even less. In summary, If you want to lose 10 pounds in less than 7 days, the best ways is going on a lemon juice based detox diets like master cleanse diet and doing intensive cardio exercises. Pleas keep in mind that losing 10 pounds in less than 7 days isn't easy to do because it requires a major commitment on your part.