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Electricity Freedom System

by Jerome Princy (2019-09-18)

Solar energy homes are homes that Electricity Freedom System Review use the sun's energy to benefit the home. Solar energy can be used in a home two ways, actively or passively. Active solar energy homes use the sun's energy to create electricity through the use of solar panels. Active homes can also use the sun's energy to heat water or another substance to help with the homes heating needs. Passive homes are a little more complicated than active homes because they are built in a manner that maximizes the sun's energy to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Passive homes are designed with the sun's energy in mind and the location of the home plays a big role in how its designed. If a passive home is designed in a colder climate then it should have lower ceilings to help reduce heat loss. If it is designed in a hotter climate then it should have higher ceilings because heat rises and higher ceilings would keep the occupant more comfortable. In a hot climate most of the windows should face north to reduce the amount of heat that the windows let in. In a cold climate most of the windows should face south to allow more of the sun's heat to get in. In cold climates many of the windows have insulated drapes to keep the heat in at night. Drapes are also a good idea in hot climates to help keep the sun's heat out. Trees are also used in the design of a solar energy home. Trees should be placed by windows to help the home maintain a comfortable temperature. The best kind of trees to use are deciduous because they provide shade in the summer and in the winter their leaves fall off letting sunlight in. These homes have excellent insulation to keep them at a comfortable temperature. Sometimes even an insulating paint is used. Along with insulation these homes are sealed up tight so no heat is lost during the winter. How could it be possible to create a device that produces more energy than it consumes? Well, we found the closest thing to it. The law of conservation of energy states that energy "cannot be created or destroyed" but there is brilliant mechanical system that produces energy by cooling down heat thus creating spontaneous free energy. I always use to think generating "free energy" was unrealistic and pseudo-scientific. Once I started actually doing high level research into this topic, I soon learned that free energy technologies such as overunity motor generators have been around for decades but for some suspicious reason they were never released to the public.