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Secret Death Touches

by Jerome Princy (2019-09-18)

Those who indulge in activities to Secret Death Touches Review keep healthy are sometimes prone to encounter perpetrators in the course of their outdoor exercise routines. This is especially true for joggers who jog in wooded parks and secluded areas in order to enjoy their time and experience serenity. Predators lurk sometimes at unexpected places and wait for the time that an unsuspecting individual passes by. This type of incident has happened not only ­­­­­­­­once but many times, making it extremely necessary to have protection to keep yourself safe.­­­­­ It is really unthinkable that some people are out there to harm others. This undeniable fact is true but is also preventable. This does not mean that a woman has to isolate herself in order to prevent this from happening. You can still enjoy nature if you are vigilant in keeping yourself safe through the use of products that are used for personal self-defense. This will make perpetrators think twice before attempting to attack because they know that more and more woman are armed and ready for attacks, even when they are jogging. A pepper spray is one such product that can provide protection for a jogger. The effects of this spray on any individual can be debilitating, which will allow the victim time to escape to safety. Once sprayed into the eyes and it gets into mucus membranes, the components of the product will cause severe coughing & irritation of the eyes causing them to slam shut. Not to mention skin that comes into contact with it will also experience a severe burning sensation. These undesirable effects can last up to 45 minutes, giving you ample time to flee and seek the assistance of authorities. MACE Jogger Spray is one such form of protection that can be used from a distance of up to 8 to 12 feet. For preventing an accidental self-inflicted spray this product is designed with a flip top safety cap, a great precaution that all women need. With the undesirable effects of the jogger spray it should be placed in an area which is not approachable to children, and because of its pressurized contents the container must be protected from accidental punctures. The recommended storage temperature is between 32 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius to prevent depressurization of the contents. The product has an effective life span of 4 years, after this period of time, it should be discarded according to manufacturers.