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by Regina Fancy (2019-09-20)

An Electric blanket is no longer the "in" thing. SlumberPM Reviews You need an upgrade! Here are 5 Reasons why more and more people are shifting gears to buying an electric blanket upgrade, commonly known as bed warmer: More economical. It saves you more or less 50% off total power cost that an electric blanket can use up every month!It has been scientifically- proven that heat rises. As you sleep on your bed warmer you, instantaneously, benefit from the heat and it does not get "wasted" into the air. On the other hand, electric blankets give off heat above you and this is dispersed into the air, together with your hard-earned dollars on electric bills. It has therapeutic effect. Doctors recommend its use among those who suffer from arthritis and other body pains. More comfortable. You can hardly notice or feel the heating wires embedded into warmer. It does not make a buzzing sound that disrupts sleep. Longer-lasting. It is fastened on the bed by flaps that keep it in place throughout the night. It does not become wadded up or tossed around. Heating wires remain where they are quilted into the warmer and this guarantees a longer life-span for the product. Your satisfaction guaranteed. Each product comes with a one-year guarantee on all parts, including repairs or replacement services.By all means, get a good sleep every time. Purchase a bed warmer, instead of an electric blanket and sleep like a baby throughout the night. Of course, nothing beats a warm hug from a spouse, but if snuggling still remains an issue, at least your bed is warmer than his couch.