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Law sector transformed by crime technology

by Craig Lebrau (2019-05-28)

It goes without saying that the field oflaw is one that is always changing, and seemingly always going through evolutions that make it stronger and more formidable. Each of these shifts in law have signalled a change in the overarching system, and they have all proven themselves to be valuable as time has gone on. Now, the latest and greatest innovative movement in law is the further advancement ofcrime technology. It is a league of advancement and further development that is inspiring a new era in law. The law system has always been an efficient industry, but the rise of crime technology is likely only going to further inspire efficiency on all fronts, creating a stronger and more effective law system that thrives on security, efficiency, privacy, and public safety. In essence, the only real difference will be that crime tech plays a more distinctive role.

Technology disrupts the legal industry

This is not the introduction of crime technology, but rather the further advancement of its reaches. When the worldwide web first came to fruition, people in need of legal representation found that they were more easily able to do their research on the best lawyers available in their areas, thanks to the development and further advancements of websites. Whether it was afamily lawyer or an automotive accident lawyer (or any type of lawyer in between), it was now easier than ever. And then came the data science, and the DNA testing advances. Technology was well and truly infiltrating the law sector. And it would continue to do so.

The current advancements driving crime tech forward 

There are new advancements all the time in crime tech, and each of them are going on to prove themselves incredibly valuable. Today, the most recent innovations in crime tech allow for all new crime scene testing, making it easier to found, gather, document, and preserve evidence for later admission and utilisation (during court cases, for example). Additionally, new crime tech provides law enforcement with the beginnings of pre-crime detection and prevention technology. Essentially what this means is that, these new innovations in crime tech will ultimately be used to create a greater sense of crime retention and public safety.

The future of law in the digital age

We have now entered the digital age, but we are still in a transitory phase, so to speak. What we must be aware of right now is that while digitalisation and technological innovation surround us on a daily basis, we are also still immersed in phases of traditional law. We likely always will be – and for good reason. But in the future, AI (artificial intelligence) advances will work towards making the law system more efficient by all counts. Through automation technology and AI and machine learning capabilities, the law system of the future is going to be an incredibly efficient industry. Just as it should be. Of course, crime tech will always work in collaboration with human efforts, but even still, crime tech is going to likely surpass human innovation in the not-so-distant future.


Re: Law sector transformed by crime technology

by Steven McMullen (2020-02-02)

It's not all about law firms though. Some  tech companies  might be a better fit for bringing Indonesia's legal system improvement. It can be managed from the USA. Indo needs to become a first world country to improve tourism.