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Joint Pain Hack

by Alisa Princy (2019-09-23)

Natural or herbal pain relief products Joint Pain Hack Review are among the many types of alternative pain relief options and treatments that are widely available today. These products are commonly found in the form of oil, lotions, ointments, etc. How do natural or herbal remedies help reduce or rid of pain? Many years ago, herbal pain remedies were used to help repair many forms of sprain injuries or external bruising. These natural cures have also been found to be perfect remedies for the pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism. When compared to prescription medications and over the counter drugs, natural or herbal pain cures have been reported to be equally effective, and users need not to worry about the grave side effects of prescription drugs. Many prescription drugs are merely poisons that are damaging to your body, especially your liver, but that produce some positive side effects. This is especially true with prescription pain medications. Moreover, herbal or natural pain relief products are usually the treatments commonly used in therapeutic massages. These massages are perfect methods of ridding the body of pain as the soothing element of touch contributes to the healing process. Many adult women who suffer from chronic migraine headaches find that many, if not most of their headaches occur between 2 days before menstruation and 2-3 days after menstruation. These migraines are referred to as "menstrual" or hormonally related migraines. Recently researchers at Cincinnati's Children's Hospital completed a study analyzing what percentage of adolescent, menstruating young women experienced "menstrual" or "hormonally" related migraines. It was found that out of the 891 adolescent girls studied, 50% experienced a headache during their first period upon entering puberty and almost 40% of these adolescents continued to experience migraines just before or just after their periods. These migraines are brought about by both the hormonal shifts that occur during menstruation as well as changes in blood sugar levels. They are often accompanied by PMS symptoms of bloating, breast pain, irritability, cravings, acne, poor sleep and anxiety, as well. These hormonal changes are similar to the changes in estrogen levels that occur as women are approaching menopause and in fact some women will develop migraines as they approach menopause because of these decreasing estrogen levels.