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by Alisa Princy (2019-09-24)

The facilities of the new Lumaslim Review century have allowed people to make better use of their free time and to use it in a beneficial way to their health. Sport activities such as jogging, cycling, or Pilates have become hugely popular and have greatly improved the life expectancy of many people. But the modern day commodities have their bad side. The amount of free time some people now have is many times used in consuming activities that affect their health. Take for example the rise of the fast food industry. High calories meals available easily and any time you want them, have turned many people into obesity cases. And the consequences of such situations are very dangerous. It is estimated that at a world level, obesity is the second main cause of death. People who have an IMB (Body mass index) bigger than 24,9 have bigger chances to develop life threatening diseases. Illnesses such as diabetes, colon cancer, pneumonia are more common in people affected by obesity. Also, in the same time, people with weight problems have bigger problems fitting in. Often, such individuals are discriminated, abused and criticized by others. Because of these problems they have, obese people often find comfort in food and this only aggravates their problems further. When we talk about health costs, they take a whole new dimension when overweight people are involved. Offering medical care to such patients costs sometimes twice as much than in a normal case. The solutions for this problem are many. Therapy, the help of professional psychologists, eating rationally, working out but in many cases, patients fall back to their bad habits. Addressing this problem has become very challenging. Doctors from all over the world are trying to provide their patients with the appropriate help and to give them an opportunity to improve their lives. When you speak to the older generation about losing weight and tell them you would like to join a gym or start a diet, you will notice a confused look on their faces. Immediately they would give you advice on a home remedy that they have used for the same purpose. One of the simplest methods would be to take a teaspoon of honey add it in a glass of warm water and drink it when you wake up.