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Super Keto

by Alisa Princy (2019-09-24)

The only sugar you should be getting Super Keto Diet in your diet should be from fruits. The body can deal with the sugar in fruits and vegetables much easier than man made high fructose corn syrup found in cokes and most processed foods these days. Even so watch how much fruit you eat. Try to stick with vegetables and lean meat as much as possible. As a former junk food addict, I have grown amazed at how many healthy choices there really are that I enjoy eating. I grew up thinking if it wasn't coke, ice cream, hot dogs, fried chicken, and hamburgers it must taste terrible, but there really are a multitude of items I have even yet to try. Don't be afraid of all fats. You need some fat in your diet, and of course again no processed foods. Eat one avocado a day. Grab a handful of walnuts here and there throughout the day. Personally, and I might be weird, but I like to mix a boiled egg with my avocado. That way I get the healthy fat and all the protein and other healthy nutrients from the egg in one easy to fix meal. Boil several eggs at a time and have them handy. They make great snacks throughout the day. Salmon, chicken, turkey, all make great lunches and dinners along with your choice of healthy veggies like say, broccoli, brussel sprouts, lentils, beans, cauliflower, kale, spinach, etc, etc. The first week eat as much as you want. You'll start to feel fuller, and it will be easier to cut back to normal sized portions. I guarantee you'll lose weight over a month's time that will not come back unless you start binging on sugar again. One more piece of advice. Move. Just move around a bit. I won't lie to you, hardcore exercise is likely to get a person thinner quicker, but everyone has to start somewhere. In the long haul if all you do is walk around the park a few times a week, you'll be much healthier and burn off a few calories every week. Wash your car, clean the house, do anything, but don't sit down for more than two hours at a time. You get plenty of being still when you sleep at night. If you move around all day at work, great, now let's add twenty minutes of exercise to your daily routine. Now, we touched a little bit on it in the last paragraph but we really need to talk about bathroom breaks. We know women don't talk about it often but it's an important bodily function. The faster and more often you go the better... Within a safe amount, we mean. When you're sick you're sick. But seriously: you should set out some time in each day for movements. Don't force it or rush. Just relax and your body will too.