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Sniper Vision System

by Jerome Princy (2019-09-25)

Prior to the surgery, prepared Sniper Vision System Review works should be done carefully. The first and foremost one is a detailed eye examination, which is supposed to help the surgeon determine which of your eyes is actually best suited to focus on distant objects. Eye examination would also tell the eye doctor whether you are suitable to have a Lasik for vision correction. Therefore, a professional eye exam done in a professional hospital is necessary. LASIK surgery has become a good alternative to those traditional vision solutions including prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. For most patients considering this eye procedure, the first issue to be evaluated is the visual outcome. A successful LASIK surgery depends on a number of integrated factors. Some of them are within the control of patients, while the others are up to surgeons. Like nearly all sorts of surgeries, the doctor's skill and experience are essential to generate a good result. On the other hand, surgical outcome also highly depends on a number of preoperative procedures. Candidates for LASIK surgery should properly execute these procedures before receiving a real LASIK procedure. This is very important for the success rate and overall outcome. In addition, preoperative preparation is also decisive to a fast or lengthy recovery. The first preoperative procedure is to stop using any form of contact lenses for at least two to four weeks prior to the corneal measurements. In other words, it is advisable to remove contact lenses at least two weeks before the actual surgery. This will enable the cornea or corneas to stay with a fixed shape. A stable corneal shape will maximize the success rate of corneal reshaping during LASIK procedure. One week before the surgery, it is the time to take vitamin C in a dose of approximately 500 mg every day. Doing this is thought to reduce potential complications including halos and haze. During the prior consultation with a surgeon, a patient should be honest about any health problems such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions, hormone therapy and steroid use. Another aspect is to stop using some other decorative things, such as makeup, lotions, perfume and the like. These things may damage the vulnerable eyes because of the chemical substances they contain.