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Overnight Millionaire System

by Regina Fancy (2019-09-25)

I mused to myself how I might help lift her spirits. Overnight Millionaire System Review Then, suddenly, we got onto the subject of fingernails--my nails to be exact. My daughter quipped that she wished she could grow her chewed nails (expressing more negative, defeated body language).I asked, 'Darling, show me your best nail,' to which she complied. It was a thumb nail with appreciable potential. 'That's a lovely fingernail,' I said. The 'second best' finger nail was then suddenly volunteered, and then the third required very little eliciting. Together we found four of the ten nails she was actually proud of (in comparison with an over-emphasis on the worst ones).Then I told her to focus on those four good nails and forget about the not-so-good nails. I said that a funny thing would happen. I said she'd stop thinking about chewing those other nails.Later that same day, as I was planning to limit myself to four pieces of my wife's loveliest homemade pizza, I remembered the technique. Instead of thinking, 'I'm only allowed half the normal amount,' I thought, 'I'm going to really enjoy and savour these four pieces of Portuguese chicken pizza.'When I was a kid, I used to love to frustrate my parents by asking the question "why?" to everything they said and asked me to do. Whether it was eating my oatmeal or cleaning up my room or taking out the trash, I would ask "why?"That was all in good fun (at least for me), but "why" questions can be a problem in life. Why? (Sorry, I had to ask that question.) The reason is that "why" questions usually lead us to abstract answers or continued uncertainty. There are many situations in life for which we simply don't know the answer for why certain things happen to us.