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Subliminal Guru

by Alisa Princy (2019-09-25)

Plan your days each week. Use a weekly Subliminal Guru Review worksheet to assist. At the beginning of each week schedule all your appointments, tasks, calls and update your paper and/or computerized calendar. You will know what time you have left in your week to devote to your business. Create a Daily Tasks list and prioritize it. A Task List will assist here. Look online for free and low cost programs that are available. Use the Task List to set the priority of each task and add it to a task calendar. Be sure to eliminate any task that does not need to be done by you and you can assign it to someone else. Determine how much time each task will take and be sure to log this on your calendar. Be realistic and be sure to include, preparation and transportation time if necessary. Then chart these blocks of time on your Weekly Worksheet. Plan your months-current and beyond. Go out 1 additional month. Utilize a calendar (manual or computerized) to list your appointments, calls, meetings etc. By not including this step, you may feel stressed, frazzled and disorganized. If you can look at the overall 2 month picture, you will then be able to allot certain times to work on your business, meet all your obligations and be in control. Stick to your Plan. Check your attitude and make sure you are allowing yourself to stick to your time management monthly and weekly plan. Support yourself in getting more organized. If a task is not on your plan, then don't do it. See if it can be delegated or added into another day's plan, when you have capacity. Finally, be ready, willing and able to say NO more often. Always agreeing to more than we have time for causes stress in our lives and creates doubt in ourselves. Ever wonder if network marketing leaders are really who they say they are? How can a normal person, living a supposed normal everyday life be so successful at their business without it interfering with their personal lives? This is a question we as home business owners receive everyday from individuals that are interested in what we have to offer. Nevertheless, the task of staying organized and focused is an easy one, if and only if you can manage to follow these two very simple steps I'm about to reveal to you. But first, let's get a better understanding as to what these qualities can achieve for you. Understand that nothing is more important than a focused life. If you're able to stay the course in whatever you're trying to achieve, obviously that path will be an easier, less complicated path to reaching your specific goal. On the other hand, if you're losing your mental stability trying to literally split yourself in four different parts as you're trying to go down four different paths, the chances of you getting to your goal is slim to none.