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Kachin Diabetes Solution

by Regina Fancy (2019-09-26)

Are you interested in knowing about some foods that will lead to lower Kachin Diabetes Solution Review blood sugar levels without using medications? If you are, here is a list of foods that not only will lower your blood sugar levels, but are enjoyable to eat as well... and you are actually adding to your diet not restricting, or taking away. Avocado: An interesting food to add to your diet is the avocado. It can substitute for the feel of cheese on sandwiches, salads or in Mexican food. Although the type of fat in avocados is preferable to that in say cheese, the overall amount still is high... it is about 60% total fat. A plus is its high in soluble fiber which raises insulin sensitivity therefore having a positive effect upon insulin resistance. As the avocado matures it actually loses sugar content where other fruits increase in sugar content. While eating avocados regularly will not hurt your cholesterol level, eating them too often might just add to your waistline.Cinnamon: Cinnamon contains a lot of fiber and magnesium. Polyphenol, a natural compound, which imitates the insulin effect by substantially giving lower blood sugar levels, is also contained in cinnamon. An added benefit is it will also lower cholesterol. Studies have indicated half a teaspoon daily of cinnamon can reduce blood sugars by 20%... since it has no calories, makes insulin more effective and tastes good... why not use it liberally? Results can be noted after 20 days. Cinnamon can also be purchased in capsule form.