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by Jerome Princy (2019-09-27)

Many people when they're trying LumaSlim Review to lose weight feel alone and embarrassed. So they jump into the activity all by themselves... and they jump out of the activity all by themselves. They're missing out on the biggest secret of weight loss: The take-home message: tell your friends and family your goals. Some of them will ask how they can help. There are real answers to that question. For example, you may ask your wife if she can switch to the no-fat cottage cheese when she goes shopping this week. Friends you watch sports games with, you can ask if they could all forgo the chips and wings for the future games. People will surprise you. Everyone will want to help, and you should embrace that help in every form you find it. One friend might sarcastically say to you in the faculty room, "Hey! Put down that donut, fatty." Don't be offended. He's just being comical, and in his own little way what he's really trying to say is, "Buddy, I know you want to lose weight and be a healthier person. At this moment your self-control seems to not be enough to prevent you from eating something you'll later regret, so I'm going to help in the process and use alternative means to get you to not eat the donut." And you know what? It will probably work, too. Which is reason enough to have told him in the first place! He's helping you in ways you could never accomplish on your own...even if it might appear mean. There's even a healthy paranoia that can accompany those around you knowing that you wish to lose weight. Whether it be fear of telling someone you can't make it to the pick-up basketball game tomorrow, or thinking people will be disappointed with you if they see you take that fourth slice of pizza at the company party, or people coming up and sharing the recipe they found for a delicious cake that is packed with vitamins and minerals and is virtually calorie free, there is only benefit if those around you know your goals. It happens to us all, the winter comes and it's cold outside, nothing to do, nowhere to go and we end up putting on a few pounds. All the delicious holiday foods, and visiting friends and family bringing over goodies and treats, it's hard to stay our size all year long. Drink Plenty of Water - Unfortunately, there is no magic diet or exercise that specifically targets belly fat, but the good news is that the stomach area is the first place that fat falls from when you do start to lose weight. When you are looking to reduce abdominal fat, remember that drinking a lot of water will always decrease the amount of food that you will want to eat, which will help you to flatten your abs. Stomach fat is more active than other parts of the body, so it is easier to get rid of, and you will end up losing more there than anywhere else.