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Easy Cellar

by Cynthia Richards (2019-09-27)

In order for you to be rescued, Easy Cellar Review it's important rescuers find you first. It'll be very difficult for them to locate you if you don't have anything that you can use to point your location to them. Purchase a LED flashlight. This type of flashlight will produce great and bright light and is a battery life saver. You can also purchase flashlights that include a strobe mode. This is an effective signaling device for night rescues. You must also have a signal mirror that you can use during the day. Practice using the signal mirror by directing it onto an object. A high-piercing whistle is also a good addition to your kit for rescuers to track you by sound. Get a battery-operated radio. Pertinent information regarding evacuation or rescue will be broadcast over the radio. You will also me able to gauge how extensive damage in your area is and ow long rescue may take. Flares are not to be left out. Daytime or nighttime, shooting up a flare allows rescuers to easily close in on your location.