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Barbarian XL

by Regina Fancy (2019-09-27)

The two hormones involved are Androgen and Estrogen, Barbarian XL Review  with Estrogen being the feminising one and therefore present in too large a quantity as compared with the Androgen hormone. In other words, the normal balance of the two hormones is upset.In more mature males more possible causes come into play:Some drugs/medications prescribed for other problems can cause hormonal imbalance. Again, a physician will be able to rectify this.Anabolic Steroid abuse will do the same. My advice is never to take any such substances in an effort to achieve quick muscle gains and turn a deaf ear to any of your peers who tell you that it's alright to do so. There have been many cases of bodybuilders who not only developed puffy nipples but had to resort to surgery to remove excess glandular tissue growth!Marijuana abuse will also cause hormonal imbalance resulting in feminine-looking breast tissue, particularly under the areolae. My advice to the small number of individuals that I have encountered in the gym who smoked cannabis has always been to get help to give up the weed. In the UK we have many people who can help, from doctors through' to specialist counsellors and all western countries have a lot of help available. For my part, I know from experience that getting a man on to a regular workout program will help enormously as the body produces its own 'feel good' substances called endorphins which help take away the craving for cannabis.Alcohol in excess quantities will do likewise. What is an excess quantity? A maximum of 25 units of alcohol per week is reckoned to be the safe limit for men, a unit being a half pint glass of beer/lager or a small glass of wine. So enjoy a drink but don't overdo it!