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by Alisa Princy (2019-09-28)

For instance, there are ways you iGenics Review can get better eyesight without glasses, and fix the lazy-eye problem that you have. The exercise for that is to hold a chopstick and a pencil, at a right angle, and make your eye travel along the horizontal stick to the intersection, then up the vertical pencil, then back again to the point that you started from. Now slide the vertical pencil closer, and let your eye travel from the starting point till the intersection, and then to the horizontal tip, and then back again. This is a great way by which you can not only fix lazy eyes, but can get better eyesight without glasses. Single vision is encouraged. What other exercises can you do? You could hold one chopstick straight, about 4 inches away from your nose, right in front of it. Hold another stick at arm's length, then focus on that far stick and move it closer to you gradually. The ideal aim of this exercise is to make it seem as if the stick is coming towards you through two sticks - this means that the stick in front of you must appear to split into two. But do remember to fix your vision on the stick which you were holding at arm's length. Now you must focus on the stick in front of your nose - then you will see two sticks in the distance. Now practice looking at objects through the 'gates'. When you focus on them, you will see that each object is framed by the perpendicular gates. If you are able to complete this exercise properly, you will know that both your eyes are in perfect working order. If not, carry on doing this exercise, and you will improve your vision. There are many other simple ways by which you can ensure better eyesight without glasses. Remember that great vision is totally attainable, and that with a little dedication and effort, you can get 20/20 vision in no time. For instance, playing games that involve balls (like tennis and cricket) can be extremely beneficial for your eyes. Do make the full use of memory and imagination games, the mental pictures you get will go a long way in making your eyesight better. Don't suppress your vision, do give proper importance to relaxation techniques and exercises, to get better eyesight without glasses. Many of us go through life using one eye instead of the other, but doing this could lead to the eventual breakdown of the good but unused eye, which succumbs to laziness and inactivity. Thus, using both eyes properly is essential for you to retain better eyesight without glasses.