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Hypnosis Bootcamp

by Alisa Princy (2019-09-28)

To be fair his comments did make Hypnosis Bootcamp Review me think that using the terminology of project management may be useful for people new to Comic Ordering so I asked him to jot down how he went about creating an initial Plan Of Action for a new project which I've incorporated into my own thoughts below: Step 1 - Define Success or Clarify The Goal - Visualise the end outcome of your Cosmic Order, believe you deserve to and will receive what you truly desire.Step 2 - Write The Plan - To my friend this meant Gantt charts, resource lists and such like. To me it's simply Write Down Your Cosmic Order, keep it with you and Step 3 - Start - This seemed an odd one for my friend but, as he explained, he'd seen many project plans that never came to fruition because no-one actually started the project. This resonated very strongly with me as this is a crucial step in Cosmic Ordering - Take Action! Step 4 - Monitor The Plan - For your Cosmic Order that means concentrate on your order and stay positive. Step 5 - Achieve - It's important that to remember this step. Step 6 - Say Thank You - again my friend surprised me a bit with this one but he used to organise a party or similar for the whole team involved in the project to thank them for their efforts and with your Cosmic Order you must do the same only thanking the Universe for delivering your order. After our discussion I asked my friend if using his techniques he'd ever failed at a project, he admitted he had but only because some element of the Plan Of Action had been overlooked or changed without regard to the outcome. He told me about one project where they had halved the number of people working on the team but kept the deadlines, the equivalent for your Cosmic Order would be to doubt yourself or the Universe and still expecting to receive your order. None of the Secrets of Success Will Work Until You Work. Henry Ford was quoted as saying "You can not build a reputation on what you are going to do", he was right. You can not fulfill your destiny by only talking and thinking about it; getting where and what you want in this life requires you work for it.