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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

by Alisa Princy (2019-09-30)

So what, you might be saying! Well The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review the 'so what' is worth your investigation. Did you know that many diseases actually prefer an acidic environment? Cancer, bacterial infection, diabetes, and fatigue are all associated with a low pH. Further, low body pH creates a hospitable environment for colds and flu, promotes heart disease, as well as creating sensitivities to foods and common allergens. Some of the extreme pH advocates suggest that ALL disease has a component of pH imbalance. Herbs have gained so much popularity because of their contribution towards our well being or health, as some of these herbs are easily available in tea bag form, making it a convenient way of taking the herbs. There are a variety and number of these useful herbs found in most shops. Fennel which is especially popular in French and Italian cuisine and it boosts a host of anti-aging properties making it a useful herb, and it is believed to convey courage and strength and contribute to a long life. Fennel is among the herbs with an excellent source of vitamin C which is required for proper functioning of the immune system as well as protecting the brain and helping to avoid the arteries from aging. In addition to the goodness of fennel is that it is a good source of folic acid which helps lowering the risk of heart disease. Folic acid is important for the division of body cells, and required for utilisation of sugar and amino acids. Therefore by taking in account the greatness of some of these herbs, perhaps have them as tea or just include then when cooking can make a difference in our health and fitness. The other good thing about fennel is it is also rich in fibre which plays an important role in our diet. Fennel may also help reduce high cholesterol levels. It can alleviate anxiety, depression and disturbed spirits therefore it is an excellent pick-me up herb that can be used during those times when feeling down. This herb can help to relieve water retention thereby helping eliminate toxic wastes from the body, making it good in treating arthritis and cellulite. Therefore fennel is among one of the respected herbs because of its good contribution towards our health Everyone is looking for the quick fix and shortcut to good health, so it's no wonder that a larger and larger section of our supermarkets drink shelves are now being taken up with healthier drinks options. You can buy every fruit juice you can think of and you can now buy lots of your regular drinks with added vitamins and minerals. It's no wonder that we were going to get a higher end product health drinks coming onto the market to cater for the ever-growing health-conscious market.