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by Jerome Princy (2019-10-04)

A few pointers try to exercise StrictionD Review when your circulating insulin levels are on the lower side (e.g 3-4 hours after your previous injection/ tablet). This is because exercise can sometimes cause your blood sugars to drop rapidly, causing hypoglycemia. Any diabetic will tell you that this isn't a pleasant feeling and is best avoided. Have some glucose/ dextrose tablets on hand just in case! Secondly, ensure you test your blood sugar before and after exercise. This will help prevent low/ high blood sugars adversely affecting you training sessions. Establish your daily trends and make the adjustments you need. Knowledge is power, you've heard that before right? Well, when it comes to diabetes there was never a truer word spoken. Testing of your blood sugar levels is vital if you want to maintain control of them. My own routine has me testing 5-7 times per day (depending on my activity levels). I always know the trends of my blood so I can then adjust my insulin levels accordingly. This really helps me avoid low and high sugars and overall keeps me feeling pretty good. If you only test sporadically you'll never be able to truly understand your body's reaction to your everyday routines. Control will always be just out of reach. So grab that glucometer and use it! I don't like burying my head in the face of adversity. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, after the initial shock, I got my hands on as much information as I could. I read books, I scoured the internet, I found other people who were dealing with the same condition. I did all I could to find out how my condition worked and what I could do to combat it. Sometimes that information can be hard to read. Getting to know the long term effects of diabetes- blindness, kidney disease, heart disease, death- its not exactly a list of spa treatments! But those possibilities have to be acknowledged and then used as motivators (shouts of "I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen to me!"). The more you know, the better prepared you will be for the lifelong battle you will have with this condition. In the end it will make this battle a hell of a lot easier! So there you go, 4 simple tips to help you on the road to better blood sugar control that you can start today! The effects of high blood sugar on the body are really not at all good. In fact, unless steps are quickly taken to control the amount of glucose in the blood all sorts of physiological changes can occur, some of which cannot be reversed. Put simply, prolonged periods of uncontrolled high blood sugar can put a strain of the kidneys, can cause changes to occur within your arteries and veins, and result in blindness occurring, as well as many other unwanted effects. There are a wide range of causes, some of which are related to others. Some of the more obvious causes can be infection, injury and surgery. However, other causes of high sugar levels in your blood include emotional stress, various medications putting your at risk of side effects, and too little exercise. Obviously, uncontrolled diabetes will result in high blood sugar occurring as will taking too small a dose of prescribed insulin.