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Siemens Career learnership

by Telkom Learnership Programmes (2019-12-17)

In response to Cisco IDS Specialist

Siemens Career learnership are exciting but so are their educational programs. The aforementioned Dual Study program is a good opportunity for anyone still in their current education to get a head start. Available for school students, the program will act as some sort of introduction to what a professional world looks like to prepare the participants for a bigger goal. Once an individual finishes their program, they are eligible to advance forward to apprenticeship programs. Undergraduates can also benefit from all of Siemens’ programs. If you are a university college still continuing your study and have set your eyes to work with Siemens, the company invite you to join them in their internship programs. You can finish the program during your semester breaks and it could also serve as a great opportunity to come up with a quality thesis. Graduates can join Siemens’ Graduate Programs or Siemens Management Consulting Program to get access to a real way of applying their degree.