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by Asd fg (2020-01-18)

In response to QuitoPlan ®

As the Human Armed force's Fake Power plans to connect with the Ruler's powers which are endeavoring to cross the gorge, another factor enters the image: a crowd of red-reinforced warriors communicating in a bizarre language who set upon the two sides with surrender! They are the American MMO players baited in by Critter. Vecta utilizes that chance (and Alice's own lack of regard) to swipe her and cart her away toward the World End Special stepped area, yet Bercouli gives risk and new assistance lands from a sudden source: Sinon, utilizing the record for the goddess Solus. Leafa additionally shows up, yet a lot more remote away, to engage in an alternate clash. What's more, extra fortifications are coming also! As the Rath work force and Gabriel's group punch and counterpunch in reality, so too do they and those aligned with Asuna fight in the virtual setting. With the circumstance beginning to turn inauspicious in spite of some surprising realignments of steadfastness, one genuine trump card stays: a specific dark swordsman attempting to rise up out of his mental funk.

The SAO establishment has consistently been inclined to melodrama and sensational emotional episodes, however I can't think about another point in the establishment where the activity so regularly swings between emotional highs and appalling lows as what this volume does. As the penultimate passage kissanime in a 10 volume circular segment, this is, to a degree, not out of the ordinary, as the huge finale must be set up for. In any case, for a story bend that has more as often as possible than not been deliberate in execution, this is a confused issue of surprising inversions, alarming disclosures and wild punches – some to the jaw and some to the gut.

To a great extent hence, I completed the book with blended emotions about what happened. On the in addition to side, the conventional supporting cast at long last gets its opportunity to excel, with Leafa and Sinon getting the greatest and most significant jobs since they can enter by means of STL units in Roppongi as opposed to changing over their records. Klein and Agil likewise get their odds to sparkle in lesser limits. Numerous other named characters from before story circular segments additionally show up, including the most conspicuous ALO pioneers and the enduring Dozing Knights, one of whom has a huge unique task to carry out at one point associated with past insights dropped about her legacy. Johnny Dark, the scandalous pioneer of Chuckling Pine box, additionally shows up in a basic job, and even Sugou (kind of) gets included again in an amazing way. On the Black market front, one almost disregarded character from the last two volumes reemerges in an absolutely unforeseen limit (yet one that the foundation was laid for last volume), one that might have a colossal effect contingent upon how the last volume plays out.