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What is SecureCRT

by micheal sean sean (2020-01-26)

In response to QuitoPlan ®

SecureCRT, a secure and powerful terminal emulator developed for Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems, has variable compression architecture for use with high performance, but supports Serial, Secure Shell (SSH), RLogin, TAPI, Telnet and some other protocols.

SecureCRT supports both SSH1, SSH2 protocols. SSH2 support provides password authentication to ASS, 3DES, RC4 and Blowfish passwords.

Thanks to the advanced customization options it offers for personal use, you can make changes to features such as font, mouse cursor, and color. It offers Chinese, Japanese, and Korean support for large character packages.

SecureCRT, which is the only SSH client that contains a password manager, can be preferred for all network administrators who are experts in their fields.

SecureCRT Key Features

Ability to share the database of the machine connected with SecureFX
Advanced editing options in resizable drawing fonts
Safe terminal emulator operations
Multiple protocol support
Advanced connection sessions management
Important Note: Before using SecureCRT, you agree to the copyright rules of the program. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, transfer or sell the program illegally.