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Easy Power Plan Review

by William Denver (2020-02-17)

In response to QuitoPlan ®

Before lighting a light bulb or operating a household appliance, electrical energy goes through a production and delivery process that can vary in different ways. How to produce electrical energy? What is the role of an electricity supplier? ENGIE answers all your questions on the subject.

What are the different sources of energy for electricity production?

According to RTE, the Electricity Transmission Network, electricity consumption in France in 2018 would amount to 474 TWh. A significant figure, and much larger than just a few decades ago. To meet the electricity consumption of French households, but also to preserve the environment, it is therefore essential to diversify the sources of energy. For this, each territory has an energy mix. These energy mixes distribute energy production among several sources, some of which are renewable. In France, producing electrical energy is therefore possible thanks to several sources, knowing that the share of green electricity from renewable energies continues to increase. It allows better preservation of the environment, which is appreciated by the beneficiaries, who are more and more numerous today opting for an electricity supply which goes in this direction. Certain regions in France also rely heavily on these sources of energy, such as the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Grand Est or Occitanie. Therefore, before you get home, electrical energy is produced from several different sources, and these sources are not the same depending on where you live.