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Skintology MD Review

by Cynthia Richards (2019-07-22)

Natural aging is considered to be as one of the most crucial Skintology MD reasons. As we become older, our tissues as well as the complexion of our body lose their power of retaining moisture. As a result, membranes of the cell start losing their elasticity and firmness. Dryness, cracking or sagging may occur, particularly on the parts of neck, around the area of breasts, and arms. Childbirth followed by the nine months of pregnancy is also quite hard on various tissues with some of the changes in the hormonal or endocrine system of our body, and it is responsible for depleting the amount of moisture making the area around tummy, belly and breast prone to all these above mentioned changes. Lotions that are being put in use for the purpose of skin tightening provide a large number of benefits. Usually these firming lotions are formulated with some of the active ingredients which are responsible for increasing the production of elastin as well as collagen. In the same way, soluble form of collagen makes a penetration into the surface of skin in order to improve the strength of tissue, reducing the number of wrinkles, sagginess and looseness, while marking an improvement in the health of the cell membrane.