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Luyện thi tiếng hàn topik hiệu quả

by japwedding5 japwedding5 (2020-03-05)

Making a Korean student visa is an important step to help you come closer to the quality education of the land of kimchi. When you complete the visa procedures, you will be very impatient to know whether you have a visa or not. The following article of Hanbee Vietnam will guide you to check the results of Korean student visas.
Types of Korean student visas
To study in Korea, you only need to use one of two types of visa: Visa D2 and Visa D4.
Visa D2
D2 visa is granted to students studying in Korea for regular systematic training programs including: University, master's degree, doctoral degree, or academic and research programs trained by college programs. , Korean government lawful university, academy. Visa D2 consists of 7 categories corresponding to the following programs:

    D2-1: College students (전문 학사)
    D2-2: University students (학사 유학)
    D2-3: Master's students (석사 유학)
    D2-4: Doctoral student (박사 유학)
    D2-5: Research (연구 유학)
    D2-6: Exchange student (교환 학생)
    D2-7: Studying abroad - Working in combination (일 - 학습 연계 유학)
    D2-8: Short-term study abroad (단기 유학)
    D2-F: Exchange student (교환 학생)

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