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ORBITA Automatic Watch Winders For Mechanical Watches...

by Val Corin (2020-10-09)

Every bit of this exquisitely crafted tribute to both the legendary metal and the watches that would undoubtedly be placed inside, the Damascus Chronos is a masterpiece. Designers, Brown Safe, have committed to creating only a limited series of just 10 Damascus Edition Chronos safes, each of which will take about 1500 man hours to build. The Chronos Series of luxury watch and safes are like nothing that has come before them. We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Orbita Watch Winders, the worlds largest purveyor of luxury watch winders for both automatic and manual wristwatches, and arguably the finest manufacturer of watch winders in the world. In other words, our same, patented winding mechanism can be fitted in an entry level model or incorporated in an exquisite, exotic wood case, ranging in price from $295 up to and beyond $60K (we offer customized cases and winders for anything above our standard lines). Although watch winders are our main product, Orbita has had many other high-end, luxury items over the years, such as our LED flashlights, our Ernst Benz Pilot watch series; we partnered with Agresti, the fine jewelry chest producers, and incorporated our winders into their cases, and we also offer our own line of accessories, such as our Italian leather storage cases.

No other chest maker in the world has the reputation of a Gerstner. They are recognized simply as "the finest chest maker in America." In terms of quality, performance, materials, and workmanship, a Gerstner is in a class by itself. The turning display units are available in 12 and 16-watch variations, with both cabinet and safe variations utilizing the same precision, customizable bi-directional winders. The use of watch winders would keep his watches "ready" and easily accessible - easy access that his out-of-the-way, floor-mounted safe did not provide. We have had a lot of brands enter the marketplace that have tricked consumers into buying sub-grade units that promise to keep their timepieces wound, only to find out that they don’t work, resulting in the end user discarding them because of lack of being serviceable. So when you are manufacturing something that easily weighs more than a thousand pounds, you clearly have a lot of space to work with and so you are expected to deliver.

The rotorwind winders are self-programming, mimicking human wrist movement. Orbita says that this mimics the motion of a wrist, but the real benefit is that the oscillations that are triggered by the movement of the motor require a small amount of power and physics does the rest. Our drives, gears, and controls are meticulously designed and fine tuned for the precise needs of every watch movement produced today. We have one in the works as we speak, called the "Gerstner", another fine American company based in Dayton, Ohio. Beyond the previously mentioned (and fairly intimidating) list of fine materials which can be used for the safe, the Magnum also features a Buben & Zorweg signature clock positioned on the top of the safe. "These safes are not only a tribute to this legendary metal, but the master bladesmiths who forged it into perfect blades, each and every one of them" says Lynel Brown, Vice President of Brown Safe Manufacturing.

It’s the perfect color and size and looks great with the rest of the room. Combining exotic Macassar veneer and genuine carbon fiber trim results in an impressive cabinet that will retain a great look forever. So not only do we make a great product, our company makes a great reputation in our community. For four generations Gerstner has enjoyed a reputation for unmatched excellence and craftsmanship. The X-09 is a third generation electromechanicial lock, that’s housed inside a custom detailed shell that’s specially designed and machined from solid aerospace-grade aluminum with Damascus steal detailing. The safe, built from legendary Damascus steel (of course that’s how it got its name), comes fully loaded with all the protection your precious timepieces could ever need - titanium bolt work, anti-drive, triple redundant relockers, biometric fingerprint entry, GPS anti-theft systems, home automation integration, automatic watch winder panels and more. While there is nothing radically different or innovative about this Kubik watch winders vault winder, it represents an interesting flavor as part of Orbita’s Avanti watch winder collection.

Our most popular winder can grow as your watch collection increases. Even if your current watch does not require a programmable winder it is often worth considering as it offers greater flexibility if you change your watch or add to your collection. Modules are available with our patented Rotorwind® system or our Programmable system. Our engineers and product development team are constantly entertaining new ideas and concepts for winders and luxury items. As a result the doors are not in the way at all and the interior can now be easily pulled out from the safe itself to reveal its 16, 32, or 48 watch winders and a set of drawers. And don’t forget to look for the big "H" screws that Hublot incorporated into the safe design as just a small reminder. The Sentry Group has won many awards for service and product design for their Sentry safes and other products. Our customer service representatives are longstanding with our company, which makes them familiar and very knowledgeable of the winders; they are able to troubleshoot and assist our clients over the telephone as well as electronically.