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What foods to avoid if you have tinnitus?

by faina marco (2021-02-06)

For many people who experience tinnitus, a buzzing, hissing or ringing sound in the ears is something they experience all the time. This constant soundtrack is impossible to escape and it can make everyday activities and daily life more difficult. Sometimes tinnitus can be resolved through treatment of the underlying cause, but often no direct reason can be found. If you're wondering how to get relief from tinnitus, the following recommendations can help. If you have frequent tinnitus, habituating is an important skill to learn. Some tinnitus sufferers say that learning to habituate tinnitus, or ignore it, is one of the best ways to find relief. How you learn to habituate can vary, but it's all about breaking the stress cycle that occurs when you experience a flare-up in tinnitus.