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HairFortin Supplement Review - 15 Minutes Of Stair Exercises To Keep Fit

by faina marco (2021-02-26)

Do you want to take your fitness level to new heights? Do stair exercises to stay in shape. It will increase your heart rate, burn fat, and engage your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core more intensely than you would on flat ground. Here we offer you a plan that is ideal for those who are just starting out. All you need is a ladder with about 15 steps, inside or outside. As a suggestion, the Rocky soundtrack can be a great help to motivate you.

15 minutes of stair exercises to keep fit

Use any set of stairs, indoors or out, to complete this fast cardio stair workout.

Varied rhythm

To get the blood flowing in your legs, walk up the stairs slowly, keeping your shoulders back and looking forward, then walk down. Repeat three more times. Then go up the stairs, then go down. On the descent, put most of your weight on your heels so your glutes (rather than your knees) absorb the impact. Repeat three more times.

Go up one step and go the other way

Face the stairs with your left foot on the second step and your right leg behind you on the floor.

(A) Raise your right knee towards your chest, then quickly return to the starting position.

(B) Lower your left leg to the ground, placing it behind the right, then lunge (with the right knee directly over the ankle). Quickly go up, the left knee to the chest and return to the starting position. Do 12 reps, then do 12 more on the other side.

Triceps ladder

(A) Sit on the edge of the second or third step with your arms at your sides. Pressing down on the palms of your hands, lift your buttocks slightly out of the way. Extend your legs, resting your heels on the floor. (If you have a bad back, keep your feet flat on the floor and bend your legs 90 degrees.)

(B) Slowly lower your backside by bending your arms at 90 degrees. Press back to the starting position. This is a repeat; do 10. Now go upstairs, then go down. Do more 10 triceps.

Skater steps as stair exercises

Stand on the floor in front of the stairs.

(A) Place your left foot on the far left of the second step.

(B) Continue with your right leg, bringing it to the far right of the fourth step. Keep going up, taking the stairs two at a time with big strides keeping your head up. To increase calorie, burn, swing your arms and engage your abs as you go. After reaching the top, go down. This is a replay. Make one more.

Mountain climber

(A) Stand facing the stairs, place your hands on the second step with your arms pressed to the sides, your legs extended behind you, and your core engaged (essentially in a push position).

(B) Bring your left knee to your left shoulder, then return your foot to the floor. Alternate legs, bringing your right knee to your right shoulder, then returning your foot to the floor. This is a replay. Do 12 without stopping. (It will feel like you are running instead.)

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HairFortin Supplement Review