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Prosta Stream Review -Is camel milk healthier than cow milk?

by Ruby dylan (2021-02-27)

According to a study, this food is suitable for groups with special needs and to treat diseases such as diabetes mellitus

A study by the University of Mouloud Mammeri (Algeria) together with the University of Western Brittany (France) has shown that camel milk has a better composition of vitamins, fatty acids and probiotics than cow's milk, which makes it ideal for groups with special needs and to treat diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

Specifically, the experts have observed in the study that camel milk has a great probiotic value, that is, it presents a great diversity of live microorganisms that are beneficial for health, for example, of the intestinal flora. The key is that, compared to beef, it has a lower fat content and a higher percentage of total salts, free calcium and vitamin C, as well as minerals such as iron.

Specifically, it is composed of 15 different types of fungal and bacterial communities, among which are a multitude of yeast species that are used for fermentation and creating dairy products such as butter, cheese and yogurt.

It is beneficial for diseases such as diabetes

For this reason, camel milk and its fermented products are being tested in different investigations as a nutritional supplement and as an aid to the treatment of diseases such as diabetes. For example, at the Technological University of Almaty (Kazakhstan) they have created a drink made from camel milk especially aimed at groups of the population at risk, such as children, people with health problems and the elderly.

"The processing of camel milk improves its nutritional properties and increases digestibility, making it an ideal food supplement for these groups that need a more complete diet," the experts have said.

On the other hand, an international study led by the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology (Pakistan) used camel milk yogurt in rats with type 1 diabetes to relieve their symptoms and compared the results with those who drank milk yogurt cow.

In this case, and although there was improvement in both cases, they observed a greater reduction in blood glucose and a higher concentration of insulin when they were administered camel milk yogurt and found that, although more research is needed, this product could be a useful complement for the treatment of this disease.

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Prosta Stream Review