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Leptofix Customer Review - What are Your Top 10 fitness foods?

by faina marco (2021-03-01)

Fitness snacks can be of great help so that we can achieve a marked body faster, they are also a source of energy that will allow us to have greater sports performance.

Surely you have been training for a long time, but you cannot get your muscles to tone and become defined as you want; This means that you are doing something wrong, usually it has to do with your diet.

You must be very clear that food, by itself, will not define your muscles, and sport alone will not do it; the idea is to know how to combine our foods and to know well the portions that should be consumed. For this reason, we are going to tell you some snacks that will suit you wonderfully.

Snacks for magazine muscles

Get to increase muscle mass in a natural and healthy way, add these snacks to your diet and start to see your muscles grow.

1. Protein shakes

Proteins are responsible for giving your muscles the volume you want; therefore, you should consume at least one shake daily, preferably half an hour before starting to train. This snack has many variants, but the best ones are those made with natural proteins, a recipe that you can use is the following:


  • A large banana.
  • Strawberries in pieces.
  • A cup of milk.
  • Two tablespoons of rolled oats.
  • A sachet of sweetener or two tablespoons of it.

Preparation: It is very simple, you chop the fruits and blend everything, if you see that it is very thick you can add a little water. Serve and go. As you can see, it is very simple, and it also has a great flavor that makes a great snack.

2. Omelette with spinach:

Spinach has a high content of iron, necessary for toning muscles, that is, Popeye was not lying when he pointed out that eating spinach makes you stronger. By mixing the spinach with the egg, you will obtain a spectacular protein pump that will complement your exercise routine, and therefore, you will see the results much faster.


  • Egg.
  • A handful of fresh spinach.
  • A few sprigs of parsley.
  • Two tablespoons of liquid milk.
  • A pinch of salt and pepper.

Preparation: First chop both the spinach and the parsley into small pieces; In a container, beat the egg together with the milk, and little by little you proceed to incorporate the other ingredients. In a hot pan, spread a little oil (so that the tortilla does not stick) and pour the mixture, wait for it to brown on one side, turn, repeat. You remove from the pan and serve. You can accompany with a glass of orange juice. This snack is a good option in the afternoon.

3. Skim yogurt with granola:

Yogurt is one of the foods most used in diets since it has low levels of fat, which will not generate excess lipids; and on the other hand, granola has an excellent number of fibers that help us with the physical development of our muscles. You can eat this rich combination as a mid-morning snack, not only will it give your stomach a feeling of fullness, but the fibers are being processed throughout the day.


  • A low-fat yogurt.
  • A handful of granolas.

Preparation: It is very simple and also delicious; you are going to mix both things very well, if you want you can add some pieces of peanuts (since it has natural oils that help digestion), and banana (this fruit will work as a protein source). And you already have a delicious and very simple snack.

4. Natural tuna and green tea:

Perhaps it sounds a bit strange to you to see tuna as a snack and not as a main course; but it turns out that the amount of omega 3 oils it has are essential when toning the body. In addition, it has iron and folic acid, both necessary in the aforementioned process. Green tea is a spectacular drink that helps prevent injury and helps vitamins synthesize better.


  • 50gr of natural tuna.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • A cup of unsweetened green tea.

Preparation: Boil the tuna with a pinch of salt, when it is ready you serve it accompanied by a slice of Swedish bread. Green tea should be taken without sweetener, since in this way it synthesizes the nutrients of the tuna faster. You can consume it in any snack.

5. Fruit salad with cheese:

Eating fruits will always be beneficial to our health, and if your dream is to get rid of the jelly-like body, this salad will do you wonderfully. The 3 fruits that will be used are rich in vitamins C and E, in addition to having a rich level of iron; for its part, cheese has calcium and 100% natural fats that help increase our energy levels.


  • 2 bananas, chopped into small pieces.
  • 250 gr of melon in pieces.
  • A semi-ripe tomato diced.
  • 100 gr of diced palmetto cheese.

Preparation:Place the pieces of cheese in a microwave-resistant container, heat for 1 minute at medium temperature. Meanwhile, mix the banana, melon and tomato in a bowl. You remove the cheese from the micro and you integrate it into the salad. You can add a pinch of salt if you want. You can consume at any time; it is very easy to do and works very well to calm anxie

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