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Eyesight Max Review - Can eating too much protein cause weight loss?

by faina marco (2021-03-08)

It turns out, for your peace of mind, that the theory of superfoods is easier than you think, and starting to incorporate them little by little into your diet should not mean a damage to the taste of your dishes or to your wallet.

Holistic health certified expert Dominick Richard, yoga instructor and health coach at The Cape hotel in Los Cabos, guides you step by step into the (not so complicated) world of superfoods and teaches you the basics to learn how to use them in your favor.



They are not super powerful nor do they work with one shot. It is not enough to add a superfood, you must leave out processed foods, oils, sugars and alcohol.

In addition, they are only a complement to a balanced diet. Superfoods should be used in small amounts to enhance complete meals.


The companies realized that there is a fanatic market for what is fashionable. Be very careful with products marketed with exaggerated properties or that oversell their benefits.

There is still no legislation around labels, so there are no rules on the marketing of these products.

For this reason, we must be aware of the scope of the food we are choosing and seek to acquire it in one of its most natural presentations.


Currently green powders are sold where you find five or six superfoods, mixed in a single scoop. This means that they have gone through a process that has already destroyed the nutrients and are now just low-nutritive calories (this also applies to vegetable proteins).

It is much better to choose two or three to incorporate into your diet depending on your needs.

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