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by Chantal Vallejo (2020-01-16)


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Some studies have also used more objective measures of cognitive function, with one finding females were about 1.7 times as likely as males to show signs of cognitive impairment a few days after experiencing the concussion. The money's one thing but these guys have ruined (the plaintiff') lives and we have to clean this up as much as possible,' Ed Chapin, attorney for the women, said after the judge issued the decision. Some people think that putting on a condom is too much work when you're supposed to be having fun. If you think the condom might not be good, get a new one. "I must have watched every single one that night," Witt said. "I am sorry to the nation and everyone who has been hurt," Lee told reporters, but did not elaborate. He says that he has come across many female athletes who play through their pain rather than give up on their sporting ambitions—despite the risks that this involves.

Following a concussion, female athletes also seem to perform worse than males on a test of the vestibular-ocular reflex—which allows our eyes to fix on a target as our body moves. And if further research shows that the sudden drop in progesterone increases the risks, then it might be a reason for female athletes to take oral contraceptives (though the evidence is not yet strong enough to make this recommendation). Microsoft's Bing search engine shows results for sickening child pornography images, research has found. Previous research has shown that head injuries can temporarily disrupt the production of various hormones, including progesterone. Exactly why this may be is still unclear, but it could relate to the rise and fall of progesterone levels during the cycle phases. During the luteal phase progesterone levels are highest, and the researchers hypothesise that the sudden "withdrawal" due to head injury throws the brain off balance and contributes to the worse lingering symptoms. The second idea that researchers have pointed to is some small anatomical differences within the brain itself. Better awareness of these sex differences could ultimately lead to better care before and after the event. Ramesh Raghupathi, a professor in neurobiology and anatomy at Drexel University in Philadelphia, is similarly sceptical of the idea that we can dismiss the sex differences in concussion so easily.

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