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Pediatric EHR Created to Maintain a Child's Complete Profile

by Stella Olney (2020-01-20)

A Pediatrician treats childhood illnesses including physical, behavior and mental health issues. This software enables you to create and maintain a complete family profile. This is the only EHR that is designed to meet the unique needs of pediatrics practices. The Pediatricians have one click access to the charts and other useful features. This software makes patient charts easily accessible with just a click. It provides a smooth transition through the workflow of showing charts with age and gender specific, including growth charts making it possible to discuss treatment with the patient and have their medical history at your fingertips. Pediatrics EHR
Advantages of Pediatrics EHR
The knowledge based templates and intuitive learning software means well-child exams are performed quicker and more efficiently with fewer clicks and drop-downs. These forms give age specific templates for children from birth to adolescence. It shows you a clear picture on historical details such as internal history like diet and nutrition, sleep habits, elimination, development, social history, and safety. It also provides screenings for 보안 토렌트 eye, hearing and dental screening.

Also, the documentation and developmental milestones are easy to document and can easily review birth history and prenatal history more easily.

It becomes easy to update the pediatric dosage calculator.

The drug interactions are fully integrated and bi-directional that easily attach to charts so lab orders and results are easily accessible, printed or faxed.

The printable school forms & CHDP forms, physical forms and sports forms all are available with one link. Able to chart notes electrically or other vital information more efficiently with point-and-click, voice recognition, handwriting recognition or customizable, printable specific patient-doctor forms. It eliminates error-prone manual processes with solutions and services that reduce the chance of errors or repetitive data entry and can be managed from the same encounter.
It has vaccine interface in participating states. The Immunization list/tracking:
A complete customizable immunization package that tracks and alert on pending vaccinations due at the time of visit.

Detailed history available

Consent forms available to accommodate parental/guardian's authorizations in the exam room.

Facility to print VIS at the time of vaccine administration or prior to scheduling immunization.

Detailed and summarized reports on immunizations

Auto capturing CPT codes in the Charge Capture Immunization Registry: iPatientCare supports standard HL 7 immunization interface.
iPatientCare not only empowers clinicians to send prescriptions and receive refill requests but can also acquire full medical history. Through its cloud based patient portal, it transmits appropriate information to the specified pharmacies quicker with just one or two clicks. It can also send multiple medications. In this manner iPatientCare's Pediatric EHR software assists in increasing the efficiency of your current operation and workflow process without comprising the quality of care, you insist on in your professional practice. It provides you with the increased ability to treat your patients more accurately and faster while providing better inner office workflow process. This in return can increase your revenue. As the patient grows your practice grows and with this affordable EHR solutions, you have the best technology available at your fingertips. As the technology is advancing, your pediatric practice should not remain dependent on the archaic methods of billing and record-keeping. Jessy Browne cherishes writing on varied subjects. She is a versatile writer who recently is affiliated with a Pediatrics EHR software development company. She is passionate about writing articles on the life changing medical issues.