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Clear Nails Plus

by Mathew John (2020-01-22)

Imagine for a minute what life is like for your Clear Nails Plus Review hands and feet. Each day they are expected to function expertly as the extremities of the vessel known as the human body. Our hands are exposed to heat, cold, water, and organisms as they move through our daily schedules and nightly routines. Our feet, frequently jammed into stylish but impractical or ill-fitting shoes, walk, run, stand still, and dance through the rhythms of our busy lives, taking us to the places we need to go. An important question remains: how often do we take a minute to determine if the care we show our fingers and hands or our toes and feet is sufficient to keep them healthy? The facts are that most people do not give their hands and feet the attention they deserve.Studies in reflexology, zone therapy and acupressure advocate that healing points for the rest of our body exist in our hands and feet. Generally, in our search for personal health solutions, we overlook these areas when trying to heal our bodies. We also have a tendency not to notice these little places that tell so much about our overall health, such as the tips of our fingers and toes, the soles of our hands and feet, the color and brittleness of our nails, the texture and moisture of our skin, and the flexibilities of our knuckles, wrists and ankles.