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Cardio Clear 7

by Mathew John (2020-01-23)

Uneasiness in the chest is one of the regular Cardio Clear 7 Review symptoms in both the genders. This discomfort may or may not be frequent, in general these attacks start off mildly and slowly become more intense. You must keep in mind not to neglect the mild pain in your chest region.Most people experiencing the pain say that it is more like their chest is being squeezed or like there is weight placed on the chest. Some say that they knew they were having an attack because of the intensity of the pain.You can also experience a pain in other areas of your body, like the upper-chest region, area surrounding your neck, arms, jaw, shoulders, back and at times even around the stomach.Vomiting, giddiness and breaking out in a cold sweat are a few other mild heart attack symptoms seen in women, and they experience these symptoms more than men.Silent attacks are comparatively rare, they account for about one fourth of all attacks. These silent attacks do not show any symptoms and mostly occur in woman. This occurs mostly in diabetes patients. Only an electrocardiogram can give information that a person suffered from a silent attack.If you are suffering from an attack, or someone next to you is suffering; the first thing that should come to mind is calling 911. Never think you can drive to the hospital unless there is no 911 facility available in your area. The advantage in case of 911 is that your treatment starts while you travel to the hospital. The ambulance carries all medications and equipment for a heart attack victim. Also, if you arrive at the hospital by an ambulance, a quicker action will be taken; and remember at this point in time every minute is very critical.