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Hair Revital X

by Mathew John (2020-01-24)

Women enjoy thick and healthy hair Hair Revital X Review throughout the nine months of childbearing. The raging hormones coupled with an external supply of vitamins account for their lustrous mane. However, soon after childbirth, the hair falls rapidly or thins out considerably.Such unusual shedding during the postpartum is normal. There's no need to panic because you won't go bald. Your hair will grow back by your baby's first birthday. Till then, you can use a few cures for hair loss mentioned below.The hair on our scalp grows in three stages - Anagen (growth phase), Catagen (transitional phase) and Telogen (resting phase). At any given time, 85%- 90% of the strands of hair are in the grow stages while the rest are in the resting phase. In the resting phase, hair fibers have completed growth and will soon be shed.During pregnancy, the levels of estrogen increase drastically to prolong the growing phase. Hence, shedding is reduced to the minimum. Post delivery, the amount of estrogen dips. There is a transition - a large number of hair strands enter the resting phase and are shed. Such shedding will continue until the hormone levels are restored to their pre-pregnancy state.