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by Mathew John (2020-01-31)

If we are overweight, though, we Lumaslim Review still have the responsibility of looking out for ourselves and the way we do this is by watching what we eat and exercising.Every day we have the results of different studies that are being conducted today regarding our health. The bad news is, one of the latest studies tells us that for every hour of TV watching, we lose 22 minutes of our life, the reason being that it turns us into couch potatoes say the study scientists, because we do not exercise enough. "But while smoking rates are declining, watching TV is not says Lennert Veerman, a researcher in the Australian study.Don't forget that living a sedentary life style contributes to heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other health problems. The good news is that for every 15 minutes a day we work out, it adds up to three years to our life.Nutritionists suggest that we eat based on the food pyramid which states that we should eat more fruits, whole grains and vegetables; in moderation, eat hard cheeses, Yogurt, lean meats, nuts and eggs; and consume less sugars, margarine, oils, and butter, although these are necessary, they should be eaten in sparingly.