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Memory Hack

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-01)

The phosphate-free diet Memory Hack Review was formulated several years ago by German pharmacist Hertha Hafer. She discovered that removing phosphates from the diets of children with ADHD resulted in improved behavior, better school performance, and many other improvements. Implementing a low-phosphate diet is trickier than most, because many natural foods like nuts are high in phosphates. Here are some suggestions from Hertha Hafer on how to follow a low-phosphate diet. To make it easier for a child to stay on the diet, the rest of the family has to go on the diet as well. Since ADHD is genetically inherited, other members of the family probably have the disorder to a mild degree. Based on Hafner's experience, putting the whole family on the diet had spin-off advantages. For instance, a domineering father became mellow once the family's meals were free of phosphates. Look for 10 phosphate-free recipes to start with. Ten recipes are usually enough, and the biggest challenge is to actually narrow down the choices. There are hundreds of phosphate-free recipes to choose from, which is great because your family will have variety in their meals. At the supermarket, buy as many fresh foods as possible. Avoid cheese, cheese spreads, soft drinks, processed meat, and other instant or processed foods. Read the ingredients label of each food carefully and watch out for "mineral salts." Prepare all meals from scratch. Instead of buying canned chicken stock, make your own by boiling chicken bones, meat, and vegetables. Make your own gravy out of butter and flour instead of buying premixed packs. It might help if you chop vegetables and prepare ingredients ahead of time, then refrigerate them to be used on those days when you have less time to spare in the kitchen.