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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-03)

Drink plenty of StrictionBP Review water, add lemon slices to help it taste refreshing. Fruit juice and sports drinks are loaded with sugar and can add to the problem. Medications Can be Affected by the Summer Heat Also: Summer heat is also harmful to diabetic medications, especially insulin. More than about an hour of exposure to 98 degree F (37 degree C) heat ruins insulin. Leaving a vial of insulin in your car with the windows rolled up can ruin it in minutes. Heat inside an unventilated vehicle can run as high as 140 to 160 degrees F (50 to 60 degrees C). But insulin is not the only medication that can be ruined by heat. Oral diabetes medications, test strips, and test meters likewise can be ruined by heat. The solution is not to leave these supplies at home during the summer. It is best to carry a glucometer with you, especially if there is danger of uncontrolled high blood sugars that accompany deadly dehydration. Keep these supplies in insulated totes that you cool with a "blue ice" pack, and always keep a back up supply of blue ice in the freezer at home. For occasions when it is not possible to use a refrigerator, keep a supply of water-activated Frio to keep insulin, oral medications, and diabetes supplies cool without refrigeration when there is no electricity or the electricity goes out. No matter a person is suffering from diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2; he requires a blood glucose meter for staying away from dangerous blood sugar levels. The diabetics are strongly recommended by their physicians to buy a blood glucose meter for monitoring the level of the blood sugar. This is a strict medical advice that all diabetics must check the blood glucose level with regular time intervals. The most major reason why people fail to follow this strict medical advice is the financial instability. The blood sugar meter is costly and it makes it difficult for the patients to buy a blood glucose meter. Good news for all financially unstable diabetic patients is to acquire a free blood glucose meter. There are some ways of acquiring the diabetic testing supplies totally free. It only requires a little bit of mental work and some research.