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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-04)

Too much cholesterol BPS 5 Review in the blood (high blood cholesterol) can be a severe medical condition that can result to varying circumstances that can be harmful to the body. Individuals may not notice that they have high blood cholesterol concentration present in the blood because this condition is not capable of producing symptoms. There are greater chances of getting heart related diseases when there is high blood cholesterol. Just like conventional Western medicine practice, there is also available Chinese medicine for high blood cholesterol. Excessive cholesterol in the blood accumulates in the arterial walls that may cause narrowing of the arteries. This condition can cause hardening of the arteries; medically termed as atherosclerosis. In addition to this, high cholesterol is also a precursor for hypertension. Since Chinese medicine is aimed at treating the underlying cause for medical conditions, hypertension caused by high cholesterol is treated by controlling high cholesterol level initially. While lifestyle modification can help reduce high blood cholesterol, Chinese medicine for high cholesterol can also be an efficient alternative if you want to treat the condition naturally. Acupuncture is an acceptable form of treatment that has long been part of Chinese medicine. At present, several western cultures consider acupuncture as a mew alternative medicine. Acupuncture is one method used in Chinese medicine that is vital in the management of high cholesterol level in the blood. Cholesterol-lowering medications used in Chinese medicine include natural herbs like Chinese hawthorn and Jiaogulan. These two are considered as the best Chinese herbs for lowering high cholesterol and high blood pressure. They are known and proven in Chinese medicine practice as effective herbs in reducing blood lipids level.